To put it bluntly, game providers are the companies that develop software for gambling portals. They develop flawless software platforms that download games within seconds. Apart from the platform development, their duties include the offering of various solutions useful to players. Each developer has its distinctive features. What are the features? For instance, progressive jackpots, unique bonuses, and so on. In other words, companies do not cover all features. They focus on a particular one. Some specialize in slots, others in table games. Some prefer bingo, others do their best to improve the casino’s security. Cross-platform solutions, back offices, ground equipment, and even live casinos do not remain without attention. Thus, the more different providers are involved in the work, the better provision of casino features is. We collaborate with a significant number of eminent providers that have already gained universal acceptance. Meet our peerless “titans” that base the diversity of Thebes casino game section:

We are as confident in these companies as we are in ourselves! Come and see their proficiency in creating Thebes casino games.

Pokies (Slots)

An exorbitant number of players from Australia opt for pokies playing online casinos. And that is not surprising. Pokies tend to be the simplest and the most easy-to-understand kind of entertainment in the gambling industry. What are slots? Slots are virtual gambling machines with 3 or more reels. The number of lines in them varies depending on the slot type. Generally, it is about five. Apart from general lines, there is one main line for payouts. The game involves spinning a chosen machine to drop out a combination of winning symbols. As the player has taken one of them, he receives plenty of chips. There are 4 types of pokies:

Interested in slots? Play our best games at the Thebes casino we’ve carefully selected for you!

Table Games

For amateurs of intellectual gambles, we have prepared a fine set of table games. Here, you can find everything you like. Roulette, blackjack, poker, baccarat. Sign in to the Thebes casino and try them all!


Roulette is probably the most popular Thebes casino game. The first step of a game is to place a bet. You can bet on each of 37 or 38 sectors. Then, the dealer spins the roulette wheel and lets the ball in. The ball rotates on the wheel and tries to occupy the cell. If the ball hits the sector with the number mentioned in the bet, the bet wins. The payout coefficients for the bets depend on the probability of their winning. The higher the probability is, the lower the win will be.


The goal of this game is to win. To become a winner, score as many points as possible. You should get the highest number of points from all the players but no more than 21. If you cross this line, you automatically flow out. Before the game starts, players place their bets. Then, comes the dealer's turn. He must deal out two cards to all the players. After the cards are in the hands of the players, they take turns making decisions. As for the dealer, he plays with 1 or 2 open cards.


In poker, players fight for the win. Here, the win is a pot that replenishes during the game at the expense of the players' bets. The owner of the pot is the one who has collected the most "senior" combination. If the players leave the table one by one, the last player with cards in his hands becomes a winner.


The simplest goal that can only be thought of is in baccarat. All you need is to guess which of the two will win: the player or the dealer. You can bet either on a draw or on the victory of one of the players. The highest combination in baccarat is called "natural". You can obtain it when the sum of two cards equals nine. The combination of two cards that equals eight has the same name, but is a bit lower in rank. Cards from 2 to 9 equal their face value. An ace brings one point. Other cards do not give the player anything. If the sum is more than nine, the dealer deducts 10 points from it.

Live Casino

Live casino is an online gambling fun where you play against a real dealer instead of a computer. Instant play at the Thebes casino game is also provided. Playing our live casinos, you can see the game screen in front of you. Most of it is occupied by an online video broadcast with the dealer. There is a field of settings around the broadcast. In this field, you can find the player's balance with buttons to perform actions. Live dealers bring the atmosphere of a real casino first of all. With them, you can feel an invisible entourage that was so lacking on virtual platforms. Dealers maintain live contact with the player. You can talk to them and watch them shuffling and dealing cards. All live dealers are specially trained croupiers that focus on online gambling.

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